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Concrete Sonar Inspection Los Angeles County

Looking for Concrete Sonar Inspection Los Angeles County?

Looking for Concrete Sonar Inspection Los Angeles County?

There are plenty of reasons you might need to see what lies beneath the surface of concrete walls, beams, ceilings, floors, and slabs. However, there are just a few technologies that can be used to accomplish this. Technically, sonar is not really one of them. But in practice, the terms concrete radar and concrete sonar are often used interchangeably. If you are looking for a concrete sonar inspection Los Angeles County, you’ll be pleased to learn that Subsurface Imaging’s concrete radar inspection service can get the results you need.

Locating Utilities with Concrete Sonar Inspection Los Angeles County

A concrete radar, aka concrete sonar, inspection Los Angeles County can quickly and accurately reveal the depth and location of various metal pipes and conduits that are used to route utilities through the structure. This is accomplished by sending electromagnetic pulses into the concrete and measuring the response as these pulses reflect back off of concrete, metal, water, or various mineral-rich mediums. Our expert concrete imaging technicians can come to your worksite and locate and mark any utilities very quickly, enabling you to keep your construction project moving swiftly and safely.

Conducting Building Studies

Another important use for concrete radar or concrete sonar is building studies. Using a combination of concrete X-ray and concrete radar equipment, the pros from Subsurface Imaging can map the subsurface objects located within a predetermined sample area. Our map will show:

  • Rebar size
  • Rebar shape (square or round)
  • Depth of structural steel
  • Spacing of supports
  • Location of any post tension cables

Building study maps are invaluable in situations where the original plans to a building have been lost or there are questions regarding the structural integrity of a structure.