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Concrete Sonar Inspection Orange County

Looking for Concrete Sonar Inspection Orange County?

Looking for Concrete Sonar Inspection Orange County?

If you need to see beneath the surface of structural concrete, you may be searching for a company that offers concrete sonar inspection Orange County. While the terms concrete sonar and concrete radar are often used interchangeably, companies like Subsurface Imaging actually use radar equipment to see what lies beneath concrete slabs, walls, and ceilings. Sonar uses sound waves to identify objects, but radar uses electromagnetic signals. This makes concrete radar more effective in detecting metal objects buried in concrete.

Locating Utilities with Concrete Sonar Inspection Orange County

The most common reason that property owners or contractors might need to get a concrete radar or concrete sonar inspection Orange County is to determine the location and depth of existing utilities. This helps prepare the site for a safe construction or remodeling project. Once our skilled radar technicians have marked the location of various utility conduits, you’ll know exactly where you can and cannot cut the concrete during your project.

Conducting Building Studies

Concrete imaging can also be used to help architects and engineers learn more about the structural integrity of a building. This is called a building study. Subsurface Imaging can use a combination of concrete X-ray and concrete radar equipment to map all subsurface objects located within a predetermined sample area. Our map will show:

  • Rebar size
  • Rebar shape (square or round)
  • Depth of structural steel
  • Spacing of supports
  • Location of any post tension cables

Using our map, you can see whether or not the finished building adheres to its original plans regarding structural supports. You can also use the data we compile to run further analysis and calculations regarding the strength and integrity of various parts of the building.