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Riverside County


Many people associate Riverside County with its county seat, Riverside, and don’t realize how large and diverse the county really is. In addition to many sprawling residential neighborhoods serving LA, Riverside County also includes the resort communities of Palm Springs and Palm Desert. A large portion of Joshua Tree National Park is also located within the limits of Riverside County. Seeing as Riverside County has been one of the fastest growing regions in California for decades, it’s no surprise that there are always a lot of construction and renovation projects going on here.

Before starting work on any sort of project involving cutting into an existing concrete structure, it’s vital to know what lies beneath the surface. Subsurface Imaging can help. We use concrete X-ray and concrete radar equipment provide the information you need to complete your project without damage to existing utility lines, structural steel, cables, conduits, and other subsurface objects. We can also provide help with concrete inspections and concrete core drilling.