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3 Reasons it Is Always Worth Scanning Concrete Before Cutting It

3 Reasons it Is Always Worth Scanning Concrete Before Cutting It

If you are going to be cutting into concrete then it is worth it to scan it. This is always true and we believe it is always a good investment. Regardless of the situation, you may be surprised to learn about the potential hazards that could lie in and below your concrete. Read on to find out there reasons to scan your concrete and then contact Subsurface Imaging at 866-997-2327 to get started.

  1. You do not want to hit a utility line
  2. Utility locating is well worth it when you consider the great costs that come with hitting a utility line during excavation. The worst case scenario is that you could inadvertently turn off the utility service not just for your jobsite but for the entire community. Some local regulators are working to combat this possibility by assigning heavy fines if utilities are cut.

    You’d then have to pay to fix the damaged utility line and may even be responsible for damages to homes or businesses. Of course, your workers are always at danger if utilities are hit. Gas, steam, propane, electric, and even communication lines can all be dangerous if they are hit. It is worth it to contact Subsurface Imaging at 866-997-2327 before cutting.

  3. You do not want to strike a post tension cable
  4. If you do not scan before cutting then you could end up cutting a post tension cable. One recent case of this, as reported in FLCAJ, resulted in both structural damage to a building and serious injuries to several workers. Note that even without these dramatic damages and injuries, the average cost of repairing just one cable repair can range from $800 to well over $1200. Note that this does not even include the costs that come with repairing areas affected by the release.

    What happens when a worker unknowingly cuts into a post tension cable? The cable reacts by snapping. This can seriously injury a worker and it has even killed workers in the past. It is simple to avoid this issue: Concrete imaging.

  5. You do not want to cut into rebar
  6. Finally, you run the risk of damaging rebar. Once again, this can result in serious issues. First, you will likely end up with injured workers. Why? Because drilling and hitting rebar results in pieces of debris flying and they can strike workers. Even if no one is injured, cutting into repair can result in the need for expensive and time-consuming repairs that get your project started off behind schedule.

Likewise, cutting into rebar can result in damage to the structural integrity of the concrete. If this happens, then the site can be too unstable to work on and the completion date can be pushed every further.

These are just three of the reasons that it is always worth it to call for concrete scanning. Contact Subsurface Imaging at 866-997-2327 to find out what the best option is for your unique needs.