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5 Subsurface Services You Can Turn to Us For

5 Subsurface Services You Can Turn to Us For

At Subsurface Imaging we specialize in subsurface imaging, but we also offer a wide range of services within that niche. If you are in need of any of these services then please contact us at 866-997-2327 right away to set up an appointment.

  1. Concrete coring
  2. The process of cutting through or drilling into concrete floors, ceilings, or walls, concrete coring is often used before removing unwanted concrete from a job site. We know that you do not want to take major steps to remove a concrete structure without first assessing its makeup. We can help.

  3. Concrete x-ray
  4. Through concrete x-ray, we can locate and identify a number of materials that may be within concrete. Some examples include:

    • Conduit
    • Post-tensioned cable
    • Rebar

    Similar to what a physical does when they x-ray a potentially broken limb, our x-ray process uses radiation to get an exposure that shows us what’s inside.

  5. Consulting
  6. The plans for older buildings are not always readily accessible and when they are not, our consulting services may be needed. We can do a complete study of the building with x-ray and GPR to find rebar size and shape, and to establish the spacing, depth, and coverage. Engineers and architects can then further analyze the data to decide their next move.

  7. Ground penetrating radar
  8. Also known as GPR, ground penetrating radar is safe, fast, and accurate. It uses electromagnetic energy to go into an object within the concrete. The energy is then reflected off of that object and we get an idea of the specifics of that object. This can not only tell us what is inside concrete but how old it is.

  9. Utility locating
  10. The phrase “call before you dig” has been repeated a million times and it should have been – it is important advice. However, if you call a utility company they will come out to locate, mark, and report utilities that they own but only up to the meter. Once the utilities are past the meter, they are considered privately owned.

In addition to the limits this leads to, they also do not mark any privately owned utilities that may be on a property, such as electric, gas, or water. When a company works with Subsurface Imaging for utility locating, they can count on us to find all utilities on a property no matter who owns them.

We are standing by to offer exceptional services at competitive rates

You need quality services and you need competitive rates. You will find both when you work with Subsurface Imaging. If you need assistance from us then all you need to do is contact our offices at 866-997-2327 . We are standing by to get to work on your project.