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Call Before You Dig is More Than Advice: It is a Smart Practice

Call Before You Dig is More Than Advice: It is a Smart Practice

Whether you are a professional in the construction company or a homeowner who is considering planting a tree, it is likely you have heard the phrase “call before you dig.” This may sound like a clever slogan but it is more than just a suggestion – it is essential. Read on to find out more about how Subsurface Imaging can help with utility locating and then contact us at 866-997-2327 to get started.

Calling the city only gives you part of the picture

Some people and companies assume that they can simply call the city and get their requests taken care of. This is often done through the Did-Alert or One-Call system. While these can give you some information, note that the city will only find, mark, and report utilities that they own. What’s more, they will only mark them up to their meter. Once they go to your meter, the city considers them privately owned.

We can give you information on privately owned utilities

The truth is that if you want to know what utilities are in a certain area, it is not enough to simply know where the public utilities are. When you work with Subsurface Imaging, you can count on us to mark privately owned utilities including gas, electric, and water services. If you are digging near an industrial complex, know that there are likely privately-owned utility systems located between the main building or buildings and outlying buildings.

We go the extra mile

When you work with Subsurface Imaging, you can count on us to go the extra mile for you. We will begin by locating and marking every utility within the project area – no matter who they are owned by. By finding them before you get started on your project, we can save you huge repair bills, damage to equipment, injuries to your workers, and missing important deadlines. It is really simple to find out more about how this process works: Just contact us at 866-997-2327 and ask for a free quote.

Call us today for help with a range of services

We are proud of the excellent utility locating services we provide and we are proud of our many other services too. For example, you can call us for concrete coring, concrete x-raying, consulting, ground penetrating radar, and much more. Not sure what you need? Call us for more information or check out this information on the differences between x-ray and radar.

There are many reasons to trust Subsurface Imaging with your business, including our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. We use the most innovative, state of the art tools and equipment to get you the answers you need as quickly as possible. You can count on our technicians to be professional, trained, and willing to tell every customer the truth. We highly recommend you contact us today at 866-997-2327 to get your project started.