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Do You Need to Know if a Building is Sound or How It Was Constructed? We Can Help

Do You Need to Know if a Building is Sound or How It Was Constructed? We Can Help

If you are working with a building and do not have access to the plans then you may be panicking. There are many reasons you might need to know how the building was built, or if it is structurally sound. The truth is that there are other ways – including turning to Subsurface Imaging at for consulting services. Read on to learn more about what we can offer you and then reach out to us at 866-997-2327 to begin the process.

How do plans get lost?

This is often a problem on older buildings. As time has gone, the plans, which are sometimes known as “as-builts,” end up getting misplaced. They may have been in an old filing cabinet that got thrown away, they may have been in the desk of a former employee who emptied each drawer without looking closely. It could be that someone found them and didn’t realize how important they were. Regardless, it is all too each for plans to get lost or thrown away.

Let us be the eyes that can see within your building

You do not have to rip up the building to see what is happening inside. Instead, let us do it for you. If you have an engineer who needs to know how the building in question was constructed, or if you have an architect who needs to know if the building is structurally sound and how it was built, then we can help you.

We can complete a building study that gives you all the information you need

When you choose to work with Subsurface Imaging, we can complete a building study. We can do this using both x-ray and ground penetrating radar. We complete these tests on a predetermined sample area of the building. This will give us a wealth of information about the building such as:

  • Rebar size
  • Rebar shape (such as round, square, etc. – this can help to determine how old the building is too)
  • Spacing
  • Depth
  • Coverage

When an engineer and / or architect has access to this information, they can easily analyze it and calculate exactly what they are dealing with.

We can help you with a wide range of imaging needs

If you are in the construction field and you have questions about what is inside your concrete then you have a single company to call: Subsurface Imaging. Our services include concrete coring, concrete x-ray, ground penetrating x-ray, utility locating, and much more. With decades of experience, you can trust our trained technicians to provide exceptional service.

If you are ready to work with a Union company that takes pride in the work we do then we welcome you to contact us at 866-997-2327 right now.