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Ground Penetrating Radar Has Many Uses: Learn How It Can Even Find Unmarked Graves

Ground Penetrating Radar Has Many Uses: Learn How It Can Even Find Unmarked Graves

At Subsurface Imaging, our competitive advantages mean that many in the community turn to us for unique projects. Many assume that ground penetrating radar is only used in the construction industry and while that is primarily what it is used for, it has some very interesting alternative uses as well. For example, it has been used to find unmarked graves.

The basics of GPR

Ground penetrating radar, aka GPR, is a way of inspecting grounds that is very useful for a wide range of projects – including ones like this. Commonly, we use GPR utility locating equipment to find any buried object. It shows up the screen and we can instantly identify that there is a utility in a particular place. While this fact would not be obvious to just anyone looking at the readouts, our technicians are highly skilled in interpreting this data and marking the grounds accordingly.

Churches sometimes have a need for GPR

You may wonder – why would GPR be used to find unmarked graves? The answer is that churches may have a need for this technology. They may have a burial site that does not have every burial marked. When they want detailed information on how much space they have left and where the graves are, they might call in the imaging specialists.

Only an experienced technician could use GPR for this use

The expertise of an analyst is critical in finding the right information for this use. Why? Because they must be able to tell the difference between old graves and new graves. They would look at soil and reflection of the objects on their screens. A newer grave would have soil that appears to be collapsing. Older sites would have settled soil that appeared to be heavily packed.

Likewise, a newer burial site will reflect back with a very high amplitude while an older gave would have a much weaker reflection. This is because of the difference in burial techniques used 50+ years ago versus the options used today.

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You may not need to find unmarked graves but whatever type of imaging you need, whether of concrete or the ground, you can turn to Subsurface Imaging. We have the experience you need, the dedication that is required, and the expertise to get any job done. Call us now at 866-997-2327 to find out more about our services, how much they cost, and what type of results you can expect.