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Terms of Service

Prices are computed on the basis of information such as material thickness, accessibility of work areas and general job site conditions as provided by the client. If any of this information proves to be incorrect or if site conditions are different from those originally represented, or if the scope of work changes in such a way as to affect the time taken to complete the work then additional charges may be incurred. Similarly, any actions which incur standby time for Subsurface Imaging, Inc.’s personnel, and which are not the fault of Subsurface Imaging, Inc. may result in additional charges to cover such time, billed at the applicable hourly rate. Due to the potentially hazardous nature of equipment used during the x-ray process, our licensed technicians will establish an exclusion zone(s) around their work area. Any breach of this area by unauthorized personnel will cause work to be stopped immediately, with resultant downtime being charged additionally. While Subsurface Imaging, Inc.’s, personnel will undertake to protect all persons approaching a potentially hazardous radiation area by immediately shutting down any radiation source, it is the client’s responsibility to inform area occupants, including other contractors, of upcoming work involving x-ray, and the subsequent restrictions that may be imposed upon their movements. Unobstructed access is required to both sides of any concrete deck or wall being x-rayed. Where applicable, ceiling tiles should be removed and/or hard lid ceiling cut away in appropriate areas prior to the arrival of our technicians. If ceiling height or any other area we need access to is in excess of twelve feet, client must inform us prior to mobilization.

It is the policy of Subsurface Imaging, Inc., that payment for first time clients is C.O.D. After an account has been established with Subsurface Imaging, Inc., terms will be net 30-day (with a 15-day grace period), after which payment is due in full. Retention will not be with held from payments as Subsurface Imaging, Inc. is strictly a service based company.

Subsurface Imaging, Inc. realizes that many job-sites have established payment schedules, or draws. Subsurface Imaging, Inc. will assimilate into that specific job-site payment system as long as arrangements have been established prior to our crews’ arrival.

Ground Penetrating Radar (G.P.R.) – A safety zone is not required with G.P.R., so it can be used when radiation safety is a concern. G.P.R. can detect post-tension cable, rebar, but embedded wire mesh may cause interference with the inspection process. Concrete with less than 45 days curing time is at a best effort basis due to the moisture content interfering with the readings. G.P.R. can also pinpoint the location and depth of indications within the concrete, but it cannot differentiate between like materials, such as, post-tension cable, rebar, and conduit. To ensure an accurate scan, the G.P.R. unit needs clean smooth surface, preferably a 2 foot square area, at a minimum. Rough poured foundation footings are an example of something that G.P.R. may have difficulty scanning.

Extent of Subsurface Imaging, Inc.’s liability – Information provided by Subsurface Imaging, Inc. as a result of interpretation of X-ray film or any other test method used by the company is given in good faith and is usually accurate. However, in the unlikely event that such information proves to be inaccurate, the extent of liability assumed by Subsurface Imaging, Inc. if any, is limited to the amount billed for labor and materials on the day or days that the information provided was alleged to have been inaccurate. Please note that all film remains the property of Subsurface Imaging, Inc.