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We’ve Joined Laborer’s Union No. 1309 and Everyone Will Benefit

We’ve Joined Laborer’s Union No. 1309 and Everyone Will Benefit

We are very excited to have partnered with Laborer’s Union No. 1309 and believe strongly that it will benefit our employees, our customers, and the community. If you are interested in learning more about these benefits, keep reading. If you are in need of subsurface imaging and other concrete services, contact Subsurface Imaging at 866-997-2327 for a quote.

There is more training in store for us

There are many reasons we joined the Union but the fact that there are so many options for advanced training is one of them. The Laborers in our Union are diverse and span just about every aspect of the construction industry you can imagine. The Union has a Laborers Training School that helps cross train us across various industries. Consider that our Union has people who work not just in concrete like we do, but in asphalt, fencing, demotion, excavation, refinery, etc. The more we know about every aspect of this business, the better the services are that we can offer.

The Union provides us with access to everything we need

When we joined the Union, we became part of a partnership in which we get the assistance we need as our company grows. We can get help when we need additional manpower, when our workers need training, or when we want to ensure that every job we are working on is complaint with local codes and laws. This means that when you hire us for your project, no matter what happens we will have the backup to ensure a smooth completion.

We are excited to see what the future holds

We believe that our employees will be better trained, better equipped, and feel more secure in their jobs as a result of our membership in Laborer’s Union 1309. We believe that when our employees are happy and taken care of that our customers can count on exceptional work. If you are looking for a company that will provide comprehensive concrete imaging services for fair prices then we know that you are looking for us.

Our employees have a bright future as well

By being part of a Union, our employees have access to both a pension and medical benefits. The better health they are in, the better job they can do for you. When an employee knows that a pension is waiting for them at the end of their career, you can count on them being motivated to do the best possible job.

The bottom line is that we have been providing exceptional services for our clients for years. Now that we have joined this Union, our employees will finally get the results they have been working so hard for. If you are in need of the best in the concrete imaging business then you are ready to contact Subsurface Imaging at 866-997-2327 .