Concrete Penetration in Santa Barbara CA

We handle all kinds of concrete penetration in Santa Barbara CA–fast!

Concrete PenetrationThere are many possible reasons why you might need a concrete wall, floor, or slab cut. Whether you need precision cutting or cutting in advance of a demolition, you can turn to Subsurface Imaging for concrete penetration in Santa Barbara CA. We can provide all the following types of concrete penetration:

  • Flat Sawing: Powerful wheel-mounted equipment allows us to cut floors and slabs with precision.
  • Wall Sawing: We have a variety of wall sawing equipment including hand saws and chain saws.
  • Core Drilling: Our expert core drilling services make is easy to run cable, electrical, ductwork, etc. through thick concrete.
  • Joint Sawing & Sealing: Our expert employees can cut and seal joints in new concrete to allow for expansion and contraction.
  • Dowel Drilling: We can assist with the joining of old and new sections of concrete by drilling holes for dowels.
  • Break Out & Removal: We can also break out and remove sections of concrete of any size and dispose of them properly.

Why Choose Subsurface Imaging for Concrete Penetration in Santa Barbara CA

Subsurface Imaging is convenient to work with because offer both concrete imaging and concrete penetration in Santa Barbara CA. Whether you need one service or both, we will get the job done with:

  • Speed: We help your project go faster by providing fast and thorough concrete imaging in advance of concrete penetration in Santa Barbara CA. Typically we can complete imaging jobs as quickly as 24 hours after your call.
  • Quality: We don’t just tell you something is under the concrete; our high-quality imaging tells you exactly what it is, whether it’s metal, plastic, or a void.
  • Safety: We maintain high safety standards at all phases of a project and we are licensed to work with x-ray equipment.
  • Service: We take pride in providing superior customer service and personalized attention to every client.

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If you’d like to learn more about hiring Subsurface Imaging for concrete penetration in Santa Barbara CA, please contact us. Our customer care team is reachable 24/7.

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