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The Subsurface Imaging staff has 35 years of combined experience in consulting, and if an engineer or architect must determine a building’s structural integrity, or simply understand how the building was constructed, we can assist them throughout the entire process.

We conduct a building study by using X-ray and ground penetrating radar (within a predetermined sample area) to determine:

  • Rebar size
  • Rebar shape (square vs. round, which also determines the approximate age of the building)
  • Spacing, depth, and/or coverage

This information is then provided to the engineers and architects for further analysis and calculations.

Our highly trained team specializes in commercial consultations, and have conducted large jobs needing upwards of 600 X-rays included in a full inspection consultation. Our top-notch services have also earned us expert status in building legal cases alongside lawyers who are investigating lawsuits or determining if work was done to specifications.