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3-2-1. . . Lift-Off!!!

All of us at Subsurface Imaging, Inc. are very proud to unveil our new website. While we loved and were proud of our old site, it became the one thing we never wanted it to become, dated and stale. Unfortunately, the way the old site was constructed, it did not allow for changes to be made easily and thus a new website was created.

One of our primary goals with this new website was the ability to communicate in near real time with our clients. We found it increasingly necessary to inform our clients of the changes taking place within our company in ways our old, stagnate website could never do.

One area of the new website that will constantly be changing is our “blog” section. Look for new articles in this area weekly. The blog topics will range from special announcements or new services we plan to offer, to new techniques being used within our industry to unusual jobs and job sites we're currently working on. We're hoping this will be a fun way we can inform, educate and communicate with our clientele.


We sincerely hope you and your family have a happy and prosperous 2013.