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Do You Believe Any of These Common Myths About Digital Concrete X-Rays?

Do You Believe Any of These Common Myths About Digital Concrete X-Rays?

If you are thinking of inspecting the concrete on your current project by using a digital concrete x-ray, then you may hear some interesting “facts” about this process. At Subsurface Imaging we regularly share information that shows these facts are nothing more than myths. Read on to learn about some of the most common myths and the truth behind them. Then contact us at 866-997-2327 if you have other concerns you want to clear up or if you need the highest quality services.

Myth: Concrete x-raying is dangerous

Would this be dangerous if the layperson performed it? Perhaps. However, when you work with Subsurface Imaging you are working with a company that employs operators who are expertly trained and who execute every job in accordance with all state regulations. We offer substantial training that includes safety parameters, operating a digital x-ray, and properly setting up.

When we do our job, only safe levels of radiation are emitted. The levels that are emitted when the equipment is used properly are well below the levels allowed by the state. That said, we are still dealing with radiation and we take every precaution to perform job walks and ensure safety parameter zones.

Myth: Concrete x-raying is better or worse than GPR

This is simply not a fair statement. While these two services may have the same purpose, they are used in very different ways. The truth is that ground penetrating radar (GPR) is right for certain projects and concrete x-raying is better for others. A few things that will determine which one is the best choice include:

  • Whether or not there is access to both sides of the slab
  • If the slab is thicker or thinner than 12 inches
  • If an exact picture is needed or if analysis of data is enough
  • If safety parameter zones can be established
  • How congested the slab is believed to be

You can trust Subsurface Imaging to consider all options and offer the best choice for your unique project.

Myth: It takes a long time to get results

This is one of the most common myths and it is entirely false. Digital x-ray actually delivers a real-time image. Think of it like taking a picture of a landscape. That is what we are doing, except that the landscape is the inside of the concrete. You can tell what’s in there in as little as five seconds. Our techs are experienced at instantly analyzing so you get results very quickly.

To learn more about GPR, digital x-rays, and other options, reach out to Subsurface Imaging at 866-997-2327 .