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Subsurface Imaging is the Right Company for the Job: Learn 4 Reasons Why

Subsurface Imaging is the Right Company for the Job: Learn 4 Reasons Why

There is no question that the old adage is true when it comes to the construction industry: Time is money. At Subsurface Imaging we understand this and we work to save you both. As you look for the right concrete imaging company to get the job done, check out these four reasons that we know we are the best choice for your needs. Then reach out at 866-997-2327 to get the process started.

  1. We understand how important speed is
  2. When you have a project that needs to be completed sooner rather than later, then you need to contact Subsurface Imaging. We do not want to see your schedule compromised because you are waiting on results from concrete imaging or concrete x-rays. This is why we are proud of our super-fast turnaround times. Certainly within 72 hours, but often within 24 hours, we can let you know exactly what is inside your concrete.

  3. We provide the best quality
  4. Sure, we can do the work quickly but if we can’t also provide high quality then there is no purpose in doing it at all. We understand this. It may be some value to know that there is material in your concrete, but the real value comes when you know what it is. After all, the way you would treat rebar, post-tension cable, or plastic conduit is all very different. We use the most state of the art technology to ensure you know what is in there and where it is.

  5.  You will not find a safer company
  6. When you work with Subsurface Imaging you are working with a company that has a radioactive materials license. Holding this license requires that we adhere to strict safety guidelines. We are also licensed by the State of California Department of Health and are closely monitored by them. This state falls under the purview of the Nuclear Regulatory commission which means we can perform services in states other than California. Our equipment is licensed by California and our GPR equipment is properly registered with the FCC. Our techs are fully certified and safety trained.

  7. Come to us for exceptional customer service
  8. We are dedicated to positive experiences for our customers, as evidenced by the fact that the owner of our company works side by side with our techs. We get to the job on time, we work to provide the highest quality services, and we give direct access to our upper management to the clients. In short, we are willing to do what it takes to ensure our clients are happy.

Contact us today to get started

Are you ready to stop thinking about concrete imaging and start working on it? Then you are ready to contact Subsurface Imaging at 866-997-2327 . Reach out today with any questions you have or to set up a time for us to get to work. We are standing by.