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Moon walking. . .

We're very excited to welcome Virgin Galactic & The Spaceship Company as our newest clients. We recently worked at their Mojave rocket test facility located at the Mojave Air & Spaceport. Our technician was tasked with the duty of locating and mapping all of the rebar within 2 concrete pads. These pads will be used in the near future to test the rocket motors which will be utilized on Spaceship Two.

Rocket Test Pad

Rocket engine test pad

Spaceship Two is the predecessor to the historic Spaceship One completed the first manned spaceflight by a private company in 2004.

Rocket Test Pad

Crew is prepping a rocket engine for a test fire

Our technician used Ground Penetrating Radar, (G.P.R.), to locate each piece of rebar within the concrete pad. He was also asked by our client to determine the depth of each piece of rebar and the concrete thickness. This was an standard task to accomplish and one well suited for our radar system.